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Asian Handicap sports betting has become popular among sports and betting lovers. However, to participate successfully, not everyone can place bets easily. It is important that you have experience in placing bets and know how to read bets correctly. Below, Jili Asia will provide betting experience and instructions on how to read the odds correctly.

What is Asian Handicap sports betting?

Asian bookmaker odds are a popular form of betting in sports at online bookmakers. It is used to create balance in sports matches, especially football, to reduce the difference in strength between two teams.

The way Asian bookies work is by providing a specific handicap to both the strong and weak teams before the match begins. The expected number of goals, the number of minutes left in the game, or any combination of these can represent this handicap. The player then places a bet based on this handicap. If the prediction is correct, you will receive money according to the ratio; otherwise, you will lose money to the house.

How to read Asian handicap sports betting

As mentioned before, in Asian sports betting there are many different types of bets, so the way to read the odds also varies depending on each type of bet. Below is a guide on how to read Asian handicap betting that you should understand to bet more accurately.

How to read over/under odds

Over/Under is one of the attractive types of bets, where players bet based on the number of goals scored in the match by two teams, with the difference in score. Bookmakers will evaluate the effectiveness and strength of the two teams to determine the appropriate odds. Players can use available information to predict if the match will have more goals or fewer goals than the bookmaker predicts.

How to read handicaps

In sports betting, handicaps are considered attractive and carry high odds of winning. This type of bet is based on the difference in ability between the two participating teams, and players will bet on the team with a higher chance of winning.

Handicap team usually applies to the team with higher ability rating, while the handicap team is the team with lower ability. Some popular types of Asian handicaps include ball handicap, 1/4 ball handicap, 0.5 handicap,…

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Experience in playing Asian handicap sports betting

Mastering how to play is the decisive factor for a higher winning rate, below are some experiences from experts that you can apply.

Choose balance

In sports betting, there are many different types of bets, so carefully choose the ones with similar handicaps and odds that are suitable for you. In particular, in bets with two teams of equal strength, there is no big difference and no score fixing.

Focus on betting on small handicaps

Often when betting, players often favor the home team for the reason that the home team is often considered to have the upper hand. However, you also need to be more cautious, because sometimes a strong away team can be assessed with a higher handicap than the home team. This odds often represents a large difference in ability between the two teams.

Pay attention to odds fluctua#tions when betting

If you see the away team has a lower handicap and the home team has a lower handicap, you should consider betting on the lower handicap. In cases where teams have nearly equal handicaps, consider choosing the home team. In addition, if you see the house reducing the handicap before the match time, consider choosing the lower handicap.

For example

Example of Handicap 1 bet in the match between Arsenal and Tottenham, in which Arsenal is the home team handicapping Tottenham by 1 goal, calculating the entire match result. Suppose the player deposits $100 to bet on Arsenal in Handicap 1, when the match ends with the following results:

Arsenal 3-1 Tottenham: You win the bet, the winning amount is $100 with the formula 100 x 1 = $100

Arsenal 2-1 Tottenham: In this case, if you tie the bet, you will receive your bet back. ($100)

Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham: You lose the bet, the amount you lose is 100 x -0.556 = $55.6.

So above is a summary of Asian handicap sports betting experiences that we want to share with you. Winning sports bets can bring you big rewards, but to do this, you need wisdom, knowledge, and a little luck.

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